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 We are, Building next generation solutions

Net waves is a communication and research agency specializing in Online Customer care, Online sales support, E & M- the fast growing online ventures increased the traditional business firms are compelled to maintain their ventures 24x7 live.Due to the lack of the proper knowledge to maintanan/update the shoping carts most of the entrepreners are staying away from the wide business market we are simplifying technology for them by supporting through work with them online.Our strength lies in complete understanding of our market & client requirements. With the edge of technology and competence we deliver world class out puts. We are a team of young and dynamic individuals working together to leave the mark of "Netwaves" in everything we do. We have been working on various projects starting from Domain hosting solutions, Web design, E-commerce Solution and Online customer care.

We are perfectly internet based to reduce our service charges.We take pride in building strategic long-term client relationships. Our revenues come from existing customers and our business partners.

What we are, trying to do

We strongly believe that it is too hard to live in the current economic status, as the MRP of every consumer product is increasing. The tax payable also increases with the same. All of these hikes should be beared by the customer.  It will cause a huge problem for the society as no one would be able to stop purchasing their day-today products .

We research on the low cost marketing & purchasing systems and develop them into a new version so that its result should be useful for the entire customers of the society

Why we are, trying to do this

We found some brilliant students those who are thrown away from their studies as they are not able to meet the expense of studies according to their income. They are capable in understanding the things beyond their books and studies, and if their talents are misused by any kind of groups it will lead to a high risk for the society. That's why we are trying to bring back them to their own path by reducing prices to negotiable and so that they can afford their expense .

We have founded that some of  the people are struggling to buy medicines due to the high price of the medicines and there are few medical stores giving medicines with discounts. Due to the lack of sufficient information the poor people are still on the trap of  "Drug-Mafia". It had been proved that same composition medicines are available on cheap rate than branded medicines. 

What makes us stand out?

Right solution using right technology at right price differentiates us from others. The industry knowledge coupled with quality of service aids in earning reputation with our clients. Our operations are driven towards "clients delight " and we are analyzing markets to provide you the best quality products at its very low cost. You can also suggest a product /service that you need. We will consider it at the earliest.